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Unhinged Twisted Sludge/Doom/Noise… New PRIMITIVE MAN Video “Commerce”” Now Showing

I feel like the walls are closing in on me, I feel like my whole world has slowed down to the pace of slow death, I feel like the monolithic riffs of PRIMITIVE MAN are choking the life out of me! Their soon to be released album Caustic is sonic proof that this band is on some next level shit and creates music like no other. When you pick up their new LP you will not be disappointed at ALL!!! Today we are more than happy to share with you a video entitled “Commerce” from their new record. Also, it should be noted that Primitive Man kick off a tour with Bell Witch on Oct. 25th. Stay tuned to CVLT Nation for more info coming out of the ultra HEAVY Primitive Man universe…Pre-Order via Relapse Records here – release date Oct. 6th.




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