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Death Metal

Unhinged Sonic RAGE!!! Unyielding Love Review-Stream-Visual

Sometimes after just getting fired from your job as a fourth grade teacher, you have to sit back, relax, and seek out the nastiest motherfucking death metal/power violence/grind band you can find while you plan your revenge. Maybe that was too personal; whatever, deal with it. Also, in case anyone is curious working for a publicly funded and privately owned charter school fucking sucks.

Anyway, lets focus on Unyielding Love and their disgusting blend of all things heavy. At first glance and name like Unyielding Love gives off the impression that this band may just be four straight white guys playing self described “hard rock.” Make no mistake, Unyielding Love is not music for people who wear fedoras! It’s music for people who loathe existence and want their stereo to know it. The UK grinders most recent release, The Sweat of Augury, is a nonstop assault that not only allows the listener to vent their rage, it also showcases the band’s many influences. There is no denying that fans of bands like Insect Warfare, Full of Hell, Fiend, and Leviathan will fall in lust with this release. Tracks like Fleeting Joy bring out heavy grind and death metal roots, whereas tracks like Sweated Augury demonstrate the band’s love affair with harsh noise and sound manipulation. Just when you think you have the record figured out, Unyielding Love throws in curveball tracks like The Pregnant Hurt to soften the mood ever so slightly just to ruin it again with a burst of pure rage.

If you like black metal, death metal, grind, and noise there’s really no reason why this shouldn’t be your go to on repeat for the next couple weeks. From cover to cover, The Sweat of Augury is eight track of absolute terror that does not deserve to go unnoticed. Show your friends, show your significant other, show your mom, show your boss, get fired, show your next boss and don’t fucking stop until everyone you’re mildly acquainted with learns the gospel of Unyielding Love. Now please excuse me, I need to go apply for jobs.

Labels: Sentient Ruin LaboratoriesFeast of Tentacles (UK/EUR),
Skin & Bones Records: (UK/EUR),Vetala Productions (UK/EUR)

Footage via zarraza filmai

[youtube id=”dfh5H2GN3QE”]


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