Uncontrolled Blackened Hardcore Savagery: LEUCROTA Release “Empty Skin”

Leucrota are an amazing grim and darkness-fueled hardcore band from Santa Cruz (now relocated to Olympia, WA) – an abominable hardcore punk degeneration that we have already introduced to you in the past. Now these immesurably savage and bleak hardcore bruisers are back with a flesh-reaping self-released 7″ that in less than eight minutes will turn your bones to dust and ignite hell within your soul.  Leucrota was conceived in 2015, within the squirming rot of a wretched womb, and poured into this world soaking in bile and reeking of the fowl stench of revenge, angst and of the most eroding despair.

While their 2015 demo tape released by Sentient Ruin showcased a young and insatiable band howling at the world through the scraping frequencies of a lo-fi DYI recoding to reclaim a place on this earth for their wicked craft, this gruesome Empty Skin EP depicts a rather different picture: that of a band that came into life with an already palpable disgust and which was further derailed into depravity by simply having to exist into this world in contact with human life. Nothing within these two tracks has anything left of even barely human. The whole damn 7″ (now appropriately supported by a snarling, massive and aberrant production courtesy of Greg Wilkinson of Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA and mastering by the master of heaviness – Brad Boatright of Audiosiege) is a repulsive and unrecoverable spasm of seething hatred; a bastard and completely gone wrong punk experiment infested with the diseased and parasitic filth of the rawest black metal.

Empty Skin is two tracks of fathomless wretchedness, for a mere eight, lawless minutes that stand like a monolith to the definitive defeat of the human race. If you like grim and punishing shit like Heartless, Human Bodies, Dark Circles, Trap Them, Cursed, Centuries, Esoteric Youth, and the such, then Leucrota’s Empty Skin EP is something that absolutely can not be missing from your record collection. Get it now straight from the band.


leucrota - empty skin leucrota - band - 2016




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