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Uncontrolled Chaos: NO BRAINER // AUGURS Split 7″ – Review + Stream

And there you go, the end of your sunny days has arrived. Your blue skies are about to turn black as fucking hell, and your eardrums are about to get tortured with unparalleled sonic sadism. Two of the most crazy-heavy bands in today’s underground – No Brainer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Augurs from the Bay Area have teamed up for a split that will hunt you down, trample you over, and then fucking kill you. This split is pretty much completely devoid of humanity. The rage is unchallenged, the heaviness is out of fucking control, and the spiteful hostility this spit purveys is just all-around fucking nuts.

No Brainer kicks things off with four mauling blasts of their staple power-violence-infested grind. Four obliterating razor-sharp slashes of pissed off, abrasive and vile metallic hardcore punk. By the time the fourth track has finally rolled out of your ears, you realize your brain is laid to waste, after having been assaulted with a sonic violence that seems almost impossible to withstand. Fans of Dropdead, Iron Lung, Infest, Nasum, and Man is the Bastard will have plenty to feast on in No Brainer’s music.

Then comes Augurs. Anyone familiar with this band surely knows what crazy destruction these four bruisers can summon. And sure enough, from the first notes of opening track “Elitist,” you will immediately realize that their trademark sludged-out and ultra-heavy d-beat/grind appears more out of control than ever. Augurs play a downtuned, mammoth and crushing hybrid of grind and blackened sludge, and their songs are an insane tunnel of sonic madness and complete unpredictability. Shit turns from fast to slow on a dime and in three seconds you find yourself pounded by immense Thou-like doom riffs, and the second after being run through a fucking wood chipper of insane and out of fucking control hardcore/grind hostility.

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BOTTOM LINE – this split rules in all ways possible, both the bands involved are out of this world awesome, and you are looking for anti-human, totally fucked sounds to bring meaning to your life, then this fucking split will surely represent the zenith in your misery. Grab a copy now from Friendly Otter Records, slap this pup on your record player and hate life as much as you can. Oh and also support No Brainer on their tour!


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