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Hello Darkness… CVLT Nation Features UNCLE ALLAN

Text & Photos: Mattias Westfalk

I met Uncle Allan many years ago in Tokyo for the first time, and we struck up a friendship back then that still holds true to this day. A brother from another mother, if you will. Due to travels and work around the globe, I have during the years lost and then regained contact with my brother; the deep friendship was always there, however, lurking in the present. There has been lots of water under the bridge since that day in Japan, and photography has always been what has bonded our friendship – that and our common love for music and living a free, independently-aware lifestyle.

Allan took me in as a house guest last summer when I needed shelter and a place to ponder in peace which roads to follow. He gave me a chance to catch my breath when at a crossroads, and for that I am forever grateful to him. It changed my perspective on shit, a much needed insight into the wild on my part, literally. My brother is the ruler of his Kingdom; “No Gods, No Masters” is a statement that could go very well with what he has achieved through hard work and being able to operate and thrive outside society’s social doctrines. Always a tattooist, yet I have seen the man develop into something ‘more’ and more ‘solid’ since that day in Tokyo all those years ago. To be able to record a small part of my stay by using the very honest medium that is 35mm film photography was something I felt was needed. Berlin is ‘the’ city of Europe; the landscape and climate in and around the metropolis rolls with the seasons. The location and the reflection of its history still tell stories for the curious-minded – the reason why Allan set up shop here about 3 years ago, after starting the Conspiracy inc. in Denmark many years prior his move. It all makes total sense. To live here enabled to stay King here, master of his own destiny. Free speech and movements reign with either a camera, a brush stroke or the needle.


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City of Dividers- (in 666 words)

By Frank Savage


Hello darkness, my old friend

City of the plains, botanist merged mercy

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Concrete and steel. Blackened ruler of nothing

Old and broken, once flattened, living again

Sadist and bloodlust joy then ruled

Rolled over, cut throat for the masses

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Black hole seeking all, pulling harder as it grows

City of lights and transparent grey

Trunks standing quiet in the dark, seeking life

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Tremble like the sharp light of stained wet streets

Under the moonlight, we hide, ourselves

Through rain and fog, winds and sleet I walk


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Steady is the tone, blasted and fast as the rhythm lingers

From the North you came as a dark mist of hopelessness and despair

Living only for one, walking erect in ones identity, as one

Echoes of past, denoting homage paid to our dead divinity

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Hello darkness, oldest of friends

Looking as you walk beside me, out on the open plains


*It has been demonstrated that some trees are interconnected through their rootsystem. Forming a formidable colony. The interconnections are made possible by the inosculation process, a natural kind of grafting or welding of vegetal tissues. The test to demonstrate this vast networking is performed by injecting radioactive chemicals into the tree to then find out for its presence in neighboring plants and trees.

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Seeing is the key they say, hearing without listening

I am the man, waking through your lives on desolate paths

Cvltist black messenger with no vengeance but for mankind

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Stripped of all titles, wading through high and lows

Zeitgeist avenger of purgation, The Adversary of your rootless thoughts

Chief evil spirit seeking refuge in the rising tide, time is now as it disappears


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Live turns Evil if you let the letters rotate freely with no directions

Hello darkness, my only true friend, timeless and grand

Endlessly slandered keeper of the malevolent truth

He with a painted mask is facing the horizon

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Screaming out its name to the vast, hungry ocean

Dead living deadly life, cause lost in hungry flames devouring all


Corpse of time, traversing high above, as the crystal clear wind of frost

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Obsession of a downfall ever present, as you live in the moment

You, the nameless of fools, always walking the high plains of desolation

Twisted bones aching in your body, veins pumping blackness to dead tissue

There, far in the shadows, a horizon where the ends of your travel meet

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The Watchtower knows and feels your presence, hiding is futile as day turns to night



Hello darkness, brothers and sisters of all that once were

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Hope was in your eyes as your mask of death shone like ember in a dying fire

Walk into your fears and face this demon that has become you

Nothing has been lost, all to be found

Last breath as it is time to live, free and loose

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Never turn your back on the sea, homage.

*Six verbal/written paths to ruin – First and foremost you can and should proceed to (1) malign someone, which is to say or write something evil about someone without necessarily lying. To (2) calumniate is to make false and malicious statements about someone; as the word implies that you have seriously damaged that persons good name. Often resulting in high levels of stress and angst. To (3) defame is to cause actual injury to someone’s good name and/or reputation. The actuality and existing conditions and/or grim facts have been proven to cause harm. If you don’t mind risking a lawsuit, you can (4) libel the person, which is to write or print something that defames him or her. (5) Slander, which is to defame someone orally, is seldom basis for court action but can nevertheless cause injury to someone’s hard-earned reputation if successfully executed. If all else fails, you can of course (6) vilify the person in mind, which is to engage in highly abusive name-calling. The choice is your, always yours and yours alone. The Cvlt remains intact and active with or without your good name. Always hit first. Hard.

*Thesaurus                                                                                         F.S, 666 words


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Uncle Allan is a Danish born tattoo artist based out of Berlin. A frequent traveler and avid photographer. The paintings you see in these photographs together with his own personal photographs will be featured in his upcoming ‘Black Metal’ book.

For more info about him and to book a tattoo appointment make sure to check out these:


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Instagram: unclea



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For more about Frank Savage’s dead poems this link will help :


My photo link is:


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Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-1-5

Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-1-6 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-1 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-2-2 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-2-4 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-2-5 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-2-6 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-2-7 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-2-8 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-2 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-3-3 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-3-4 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-3-5 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-3-6 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-3 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-4-2 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-4-3 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-4-6 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-4-7 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-4-8 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-4-9 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-4 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-2 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-3 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-4 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-5 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-6 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-7 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-8 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-9 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-10 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-11 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-12 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-13 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5-15 Uncle Cvlt 1000x1000-5 Uncle Cvlt Mattias Westfalk Self(d)ie 1000x1000-5-14



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Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.

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