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Apocalyptic Blues

Ultra Corrosive & Ultra Bleak!
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AMERICAN “Retinere”

On Aug 19th, shit is about to change with the debut tape release from AMERICAN entitled Coping With Loss via Sentient Ruin Laboratories. When describing a band like this, I could start comparing them to other bands and putting them into the box known as a “genre,” but this would not be fair to you or the band. AMERICAN is a very special musical universe unto themselves, where they create sounds that are both living and dead. If you are a fan of dark free expression then AMERICAN is for you…CVLT Nation has been given the honor of sharing with you their new song “Retinere” below…Stay tuned from much more about AMERICAN in the very near future. Make sure to head over Sentient Ruin Laboratories right now to pre-order Coping With Loss HERE!…This tape is going to sell out without a doubt!

Cover art by Kevin Gan Yuen

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