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Avant Garde

TUNE IN NOW! 30 hours of mixes from UNKLE, Dark Waves Radio, Instruments of Discipline and The Brvtalist

It’s time for you to tune into over 30 hours worth of mixes from UNKLE, Dark Waves Radio, Instruments of Discipline and The Brvtalist. The music you’re about to encounter will take you on a journey through the sonic landscapes of Tekno, Post Punk, Cold Wave, Cyber Funk, Electro, Hip Hip, Industrial and much more! Music is the healing of our Nation!

UNKLE – Genres: Tekno Breakbeat Brit Pop Tech House

DARK WAVES Radio by CVLT Nation – Genres: Post Punk Cold Wave Industrial Tekno


Techno Industrial Avant Garde

The Brvtalist Genres: Techno Industrial Avant Garde
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