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Black Death

Total Black/Death Metal Devastation: DEARTH – “To Crown All Befoulment” Full Album premiere

Today Californian extreme metal/experimental forge Sentient Ruin blows unto this world the first breath by black/death metal harbingers DEARTH, a mysterious trio from Oakland CA, who are creators of some of the most apocalyptic and oppressive black/death metal you will hear this year. Fusing the imposing dark death metal devastation of bands like Dead Congregation with the serpentine and twisted atmospheres of French black metal – particularly Deathspell Omega – on this astonishing debut LP Dearth have created an otherworldly realm of destruction in which the listener is first immersed into raging flames of hell and then mercilessly dismantled into oblivion. Check the full stream below and let this album literally ravage you…

Through an implacable and merciless delivery, a production as dense and heavy as a massive black hole, and atmospheres as oppressive and suffocating as the most torment-torn circles of hell, with to “Crown All Befoulment” Dearth have created a ghastly sonic monument to boundless nihilism and to total human annihilation. Careful ears and sophisticated minds should not overlook the band’s themes and lyrical content littered amongst the album dealing with the most abhorrent and scary aspects of environmental degradation and of the damage of human overpopulation on earth, something you will not normally see in the frankly often cliche and cookie cutter “goat metal” gimmick. This band is something different and on entire different level, a force to behold, an utter conduit to absolute sonic terror that carries a weight of meaning with it that will crush the listener into dust and leave a long and lasting impression on 2020 extreme metal. Vinyl, digital and tape out today June 19 2020 via Sentient Ruin worldwide (US orders HERE and HERE – EU customers go HERE).

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