Top 5 Best Records of 2014, According to Kylesa’s Phillip Cope

CVLT Nation salutes our comrade Phillip Cope from KYLESA for sharing his Top 5 Releases of 2014 with us!

I always find it hard to do a best of the year list, but this year was particularly tough because there was no shortage of great records; especially with stuff on the darker and brutal end of the spectrum, it was probably one of my favorite years for it in a while – I am still trying to catch up with everything I want to check out. I am no way saying these are better than any others. These just happened to fit different moods for me at the right time.

1. Triptykon – Melana Chasmata

The perfect soundtrack for a long drive. Totally epic and moving. It was everything I was hoping for and more.

2. Goat- Commune

I honestly kind of preferred the rawer recording of their previous album, but the songs are still there and this is a perfect chill out record for me.

3. Godflesh – A World Only Lit By Fire

I figured this would be good, but it exceeded every expectation I had.

4. Whirr – Sway

Sometimes a record comes along and just fits your mood perfectly for a season, this album was the soundtrack to my Fall.

5. Code Orange – I Am King

With a year full of great brutal records, there are so many bands that I feel I could have put in my Top 5, but I Am King is here because it was a perfect mix for my tastes – great heavy riffs, cool noise that doesn’t become too distracting, good songwriting, and one of the best God City recordings I heard this year.


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Imran Syed

Definitely checking out Goat now.


More of these, please!