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Apocalyptic Blues

Experience the industrial Death savagery of THROAT BREACH “Memory Replacement Therapy [Identity Distortion 2]”

Desert Wastelands Productions is a new label from New Mexico that has been causing a lot of noise with non-stop killer releases. Now they’re keeping up the momentum with a band called THROAT BREACH, and it sounds totally different than anything else they’ve put out so far! Imagine if GODFLESH met the demonic offspring of EYEHATEGOD and BOLT THROWER and they started a band with a dash of NAPALM DEATH, then it just might sound like this! I can’t say enough good things about THROAT BREACH and their debut release Humiliating Distortion that comes out on April 3rd and can be pre-ordered HERE. This band creates the kind of music that makes me happy to do what we do over here at CVLT Nation! We are stoked to be streaming Memory Replacement Therapy [Identity Distortion 2] below – you better get with this filth!

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