Thrash Till Death: Execució’s Debut Demo – Review + Stream

Thrash Metal is far from its peak of popularity these days. It looks like it’s fallen out fashion in favor of various other forms of hardcore, black metal, speed metal, punk and death metal. But after all, think about it, who is making quality old school thrash these days aside from a few crazy talented bands like Vektor, Power Trip, Ghoul and Iron Reagan? Not many bands to be honest…That’s why when a pure old school, pissed off thrash release comes along that sounds fresh and true to the roots of genre, we can’t help but swoon all over it, get super fucking excited about it and want to get back into our high tops, leather jackets and ammo belts, grow out our hair again (if we have any left on our heads) and bang our fucking heads to no end. And if you listen to Execució‘s debut Demo, that’s exactly what you will wanna fucking do, bang your head till your brain turns into a skull smoothie.

Execució‘s music is by no means pretentious. It’s got no fancy shit going on, no glitter, no polish and no avant, prog, post or artsy bullshit going on. It’s just straight up fast, angry, loud and all-guts metal. It’s the shit DRI, SOD, early Sepultura, Kreator, Destruction, Artillery, and Slayer used to play. The stuff that made metal “heavy” probably for the first real time in the mid to early eighties.  In this, Execució’s Demo is not rocket science, it’s not revolutionary by any means, but that’s not the fucking point here. It sounds fresh, legendary and just fucking classic as shit, and that is what matters the most. It will light a fucking fire under your ass and rock your skull to pieces. It will make you want to dust off those old Discharge, Deviated Instinct, Doom, early Sepultura, early Death and Possessed albums, pound a case of whiskey and torch a police car for no fucking reason at all. It will make you want to raise your horns to the sky and headbang for days. All killer and no filler. And by the way, Execució hail from Barcelona, Spain, and are formed by members of famed Catalan crust/d-beat warriors Instinto…Just that extra seal of quality that will convince you. Seriously, just press play and let this pup rip through your face! Get it now from Raw War Tapes.



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Melinda Deyhle

yaaaay. i miss good ol thrash. thanks 🙂