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these Punk Metal Hippies RULE! Listen to CRISIS BEAT ‘VOID OF HUMANITY’ EP

Yep, real talk, I’m that boy! I’m a Black King that has no tolerance for racism or anyone who apologizes for racism. This is why I’m a champion of the new CRISIS BEAT record VOID OF HUMANITY because this band creates insanely awesome music while holding the sharp edge of their antiracist sword up to the neck of all racist pigs! How could I not love a band that has a song called “Fascist Scum,” and it’s a fucking ripper! CRISIS BEAT puts their passion into every riff and note you will experience on VOID OF HUMANITY and for that, I have nothing but love for them. Beware — this band’s music might cause you to wanna punch a Nazi, and nothing’s wrong with that! Their songs are all Metal Punk bangers, but also have sonic clouds of empathy soaring high above, and for that this is a release that should not be missed! Trust me when I say these Punk Metal Hippies will have y’all saying this band rules!

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