There is only Void with NAGA ‘Void Cult Rising’

Italy has something darkly captivating in store for you with NAGA‘s new blackened doom record, Void Cult Rising. It creates an all-encompassing chill that starts at the base of your neck and travels down your spine until you find yourself buried in melancholic bleakness. The new album comes out via Spikerot Records on Nov. 15th, and you can pre-order Void Cult Rising here. Today we’re excited to share the full album with you below – if you’ve ever wondered if there’s a god, I think NAGA will answer if for you below: HELL NO, only void.


Recorded and mixed at Sulfur City Studio (Naples, Italy) by Alessandro Pascolo
Mastered by James Plotkin (USA)
Artwork by Abomination Imagery


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