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TheCurseOfTheGhost…BONES // TeamSESH Hip Hop Spotlight

What kind of art do I like? I like art that says FUCK THE SYSTEM! When it comes to HIP HOP, I like HIP HOP that says FUCK THE SYSTEM as well – maybe this is why I have been bumpin’ BONES for a while now! To say this dude is prolific would be an understatement; since 2011, he has released over 35 mix tapes and filmed over 70 videos. BONES’ production is the stuff that dark dreams are made of and his lyrics are in a lane of their own. When you put everything together, it sounds like the perfect soundtrack to getting high and zoning out in outer space. I love his subject matter – he has no problem showing his emotion which makes me a fan even more. Make sure to peep his whole crew that goes by the name of TeamSESH. It should be noted that BONES wants to create his art on his own terms, which is why he won’t sign to a major label and gives all of his music away for FREE. He proves that DIY comes in many forms, and for that CVLT Nation salutes him and his crew.








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