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The Peacepunk of nightmares: Vancouver’s THE MOOR

So-called British Columbia is not only home to Cvlt Nation itself but cranks out endless killer bands. The giant foggy city is home to some of our favorite metal, punk, and post-punk so it comes as no surprise that these frosted peaks have cranked out yet another killer outfit with The Moor. Veterans of their craft, they take a scythe to the fields of illimitable slain soldiers and harvest the flower of peace that grows through the bullet-cracked helmets haphazardly dotting the landscape.

Their lyrical approach adheres to the form of classic peacepunk/positive punk by eliciting suspicions of politics writ large as another justification for the racket of indefinite wars, sometimes spoken, sometimes screamed, and sometimes sung with a spry admonishment reminiscent of Poison Girls or Hagar the Womb. While certainly rhythmically dynamic, the pace never slows to absolute tedium nor enters into breakneck tupa territory. The bass tends to carry the crux of the progressions, soaked in chorus and distortion which underwrites the vicious treble strings that, almost uniquely in their world, pierce into blistering solos every few minutes blowing wind into the tattered sails of an apocalyptic pontoon, bringing fresh shipments of socio-political catastrophe. Grip a tape and listen to their demo here and stay tuned for more from these absolute reprobates.

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