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The Out of This World Street Art of Phlegm

Traveling the world and seeing how street artists express themselves has always interested me. In some countries, it’s more about political art, and in some it’s more about how visually bugged out they can be. Certain walls I’ve seen always pop up in my imagination because the art on them was that memorable. I love going to places and discovering new urban wizards of expression, and with each new alleyway I find something new.Phlegm is one such find – his work never stops amazing me. I love the way he uses the environment he is in as a part of his canvas. His use of black and white always makes me think of anarcho punk art. Now check out this HUGE Phlegm  art essay….why? Because HIS ART RULES!!!


1 2 5 copy 5 6 7 8-1 8 10 copy djerba phlegm 1 djerba phlegm 2 djerba phlegm 3 djerba phlegm 4 IMG_8113 IMG_8128 IMG_8139 IMG_8166 Jellyfish NZ phlegm P1020258 P1020276 P1020345 P1020931 P1030058 P1030090 P1030166 P1030186 P1030427 P1030520 phlegm bestiary london 2 phlegm bestiary london 3 phlegm bestiary london 5 phlegm bestiary london 6 phlegm bestiary london 7 phlegm dunedin new zealand-1
phlegm dunedin new zealand phlegm hanbury st phlegm london phlegm mission resize 1 (22 of 32) phlegm moss norway phlegm NZ phlegm rare and racy 2 phlegm sculpture sheffield phlegm spider 1 phlegm spider 2 phlegm spider 4 phlegm sweden phlegm tunisia 5 phlegm van phlegm2 san diego phlegm Skullphlegm songbird pipe organ Dunedin new zealand

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