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Black Metal

ꙂꙨѮŮӜŮѮꙨꙂ is The most vile band you will hear this week!

ꙂꙨѮŮӜŮѮꙨꙂ has created a record that sounds full of sonic horror. The songs you will encounter on ŶᾦϚӾѺᾦѺӾϚᾦŶ will lurch their way into your reality and exist amongst your night terrors. Real talk, this offering defies genres, but I will say it’s fucking horrific. What I love about it is that deep down in the audio filth, the band manifests these portals of melodic dirge that are almost ritualistic. I’m tired of talking, it’s time for y’all to listen to ꙂꙨѮŮӜŮѮꙨꙂ for yourself!

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