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The Lost & Unseen Doc On Skateboarding & Hip Hop:
“Concrete Jungle” Now Showing

I have chills right now as I watch the best documentary about skateboarding, New York & hip hop. This film sheds light on skate culture in the Big Apple like no other I’ve seen. Concrete Jungle is a must-see  picture for anyone that loves these art forms…It makes total sense to me that this movie was made, because skate culture has always had a connection to hip hop. Case in point – Glen E Friedman was the photographer that took some of the earliest pictures of the Dogtown Z-boys, then he went on to manage Suicidal Tendencies, and he also took the photos of Public Enemy very early in their careers. I love how youth cultures intersect, and Concrete Jungle sheds light on this fact. Now peep one of the best docs I have seen in a long time…R.I.P. Harold and Andy! Thanx to Jenkem for posting this!

Screen-Shot-2014-04-30-at-7.53.00-PM-1Photo by Mike O’Malley

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