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The Homoerotic Art of G.B. Jones From A Tom Of Finland POV!

So what happens when a self-described “openly queer, self-made in the punk rock tradition, artist, film maker, rock musician, writer and publisher of zines” who goes by the name G.B. Jones starts a zine called J.D.s (short for “juvenile delinquents”) with Bruce LaBruce in the 80’s? The end product is a collection of her drawings called “Tom Girls” which flips the script with a Tom of Finland aesthetic. Her drawings pre-date the Riot Grrrl Movement of the 90’s, but I have a good feeling that they had some impact. G. B. Jones’ pictures depict women in positions of strength and authority, from committing crimes to protecting society. I love her work because I can almost hear the sounds of the 80’s when I look at her drawings, and they put a smile on my face because they have a sense of freedom. G.B. Jones work breaks down stereotypes, and I’m all for that, plus I would love to see her drawings on t-shirts!



Riot Girls



Bar Room Brawl, #1


Bar Room Brawl, #2


Bar Room Brawl, #3


Fuck the Police


I am a Fascist Pig, #1


I am a Fascist Pig, #2


JDS_no_3_102983123J.D.s, issue #3

 jds-art7b jones-art2b jones-art4b jones-art5b jones-art6

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Sentient 51423

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