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“The Encyclopaedia of Ecstasy, Vol. 1”
Awesome Anarcho-Goth-Punk
Zine circa 1983

It’s time to talk a walk on the right side…Check out this very rare fanzine from 1983 entitled The Encyclopaedia of Ecstasy, Vol. 1, created by Alistair Livingston. This zine references bands that I found very inspirational in my younger years. Honestly, just looking at these pages still inspires me to create things…Alistair has lived a way beyond ordinary life – in saying that, you should peep his blog greengallway. Right now, have a look at The Encyclopaedia of Ecstasy, Vol. 1 below. This zine was made when all we had was our imagination, the threat of nuclear war and xerox machines!


EOE 1 005 EOE 1 006 EOE 1 007 EOE 1 008 EOE 1 009 EOE 1 010 EOE 1 011 EOE 1 012 EOE 1 013 EOE 1 014

EOE 1 015via Dangerous Minds

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