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The debut of Ambient Horror trio DIRE TRINE + Music Video!

The current subcultures that surround our readers here at Cvlt Nation have tended towards more gloom, as our world seems to be plunging itself into an irredeemable oblivion. While getting back to the Batcave, as another Cold War seems imminent or indeed existent, depending on who you ask, some bands throw a spider web on their album art and wear cross dangle earrings but sound more cushy or angry than straight up terrifying. Fortunately, we’ve now been graced with new holistic creepers Dire Trine. Taking the down tempo dirge style of dark ambient artists and throwing mystical chants and incantations over the top, we’re left with a sonic landscape medieval but driving, robust and unnerving. They’ve decided to release a music video with their first ever public track and it captures completely the goosebumps I get while listening to it. Stay tuned for more from this novel band just now spreading their wings.


Dire Trine


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