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Avant Garde

The Bleak Debut Stream of “Transformation” from Darkwave Power-Duo VIOLETIGER

Vienna based duo Violetiger is the combined effort of Violet Candide, of Peppy Pep Pepper notoriety, and her partner in crime, Tigerlilly.

With the release of their debut ep “Transformation” the pair deliver cold, empty, isolated and minimal synth that is a heavy nod to the dark 80s electronic era. Intentionally anonymous and reclusive, Violetiger deliver five tracks that are gloomy and detached while still driving and complex, dreary yet catchy. They’ve created songs for one’s own personal dance floor apocalypse. Available September 30th through the Modern Tapes label, “Transformation” will be released both digitally and on vinyl.

Written By

Father. Aspiring Gaudiya Vaishnava. The Vegan Straight Edge. XXX. Vocalist. Spoken Word. Xcold snapX (Rest in Peace Mike Fite). Petulant. The John Brown Task Force. Tribe of the Hinayana. Sack Dragon. Tessa Control Project. Misura. This is Forever. The Gospel According. Holy F*ck. Waiting Mortuary. severance replay. The Real Enemies.

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