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The Beautifully Bleak Photography of José Ortiz-Echagüe

Grim Beauty, Despair, History and Suffering are some of the words that come to mind as I admire the photography of José Ortiz-Echagüe. His work is very stark and bleak, which is why I love it so much. You can feel the spirits of the people he photographed coming out of the pictures. José use of composition was spot on and helped to create unreal drama in his work. It’s interesting how someone who had no connection to the metal scene is respected by so many in the community. Check out a huge collection of this master’s work below!



6.Ortiz_Echag_e._Moro_del_Rif_2__1909-2 6928cf0624bc364c90b1e08467b18c29 Devotas-de-Candelario imagen_fotografica016 IMG_06281 José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Carrying-The-Cross José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Carrying-The-Crosses José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Farmer José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Four-women José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Hills-of-Calatayud José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-North-Africa José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Oldbut-New José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Penitentes José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Preacher José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Rural-Life José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Rural-Spain José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Shepherd José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Shepherds José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Singfers José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-The-Dark-Men José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Three-Women José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Woman José-Ortiz-Echagüe-Photography-Young-Woman Siluetas-de-Candelario

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