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The Attack Of Japanese DIS-NOIZE… Deadchain (Kawakami Forever) Now Showing!

Two things that I love, Discharge and Japanese culture, have combined to make ultra caustic dis-noise. Something about Tokyo has this apocalyptic feeling about it which makes it perfect for all of the crust punks that inhabit the city. I have been to Japan many times and have gone to shows there, and what I find really awesome is that I don’t speak the language, but somehow we all find communicating no problem. Since 1982, I have been into the subversive audio discord that has been coming out of this country. More than anything, I have been drawn to the peace-punk energy that these humans have put forth. We all know that some of the sickest D-Beat bands have come from the Land of the Rising Sun and one of the most influential was DISCLOSE. In 2007, the lead singer passed away, so in honor of his contribution to stench beat and crusty filth worldwide, some killer Japanese Dis-Noize masters gathered & performed killer sets which were recorded on film, professional styles. I’m super hyped to be sharing this rad piece of history with you, entitled Deadchain (Kawakami forever), featuring performances by Framtid, D-clone, Reality Crisis, Contrast Attitude.

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