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The Anarcho Body Music of Bustié


Vibrating out of warehouse in Los Angeles is a novel form of post-industrial evolved from a distinct symbiosis of early mechanic EBM and a passion for the liberatory politics of anarchism. Bustié is the product of the heart and mind of Pogo Pope, the face and overseer of the project whom brings to the table their ardent support for society’s underdogs and a fluid lust for life leaving the moment to free oneself from the thumb of authoritarianism as a chance to connect with one’s body and dance their ass off. As international revolutionary Emma Goldman once stated, “If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution,” but Bustié provides just such an opportunity and not at want for the familiarity of what made gloomy, pulsating electronic music such a mainstay of our wider culture.

For those not familiar with the message of peace punk – in summation it centers around the survival and prosperity of all life on Earth equally. This extends from the persecuted and exploited humans of our modern global social hierarchy to the biosphere of which we’re all apart of. Basically, it’s freedom for all or none and in a method that causes the least harm possible. Many modern modalities of discrimination can be traced back to the dehumanization of various groups that are still being methodically stigmatized today such as queer people and sex workers. By bringing these voices to light with unmistakably literal lyrical content, Bustié breaks the mold of the industrial umbrella, whose words tended to be more vague and universally applicable as opposed to speaking on specific issues.

Don’t miss them on a full US tour this summer and grip the debut LP here as Bustié spreads their apocalypse-shattering paradigm with the aid of Gina Kuhn, Rosa Castillo and Crow Jane of Egrets on Ergot, Prissy Whip.

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