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My New Favorite Band:
Temple of Abandonment

Around two weeks ago, my mind was melted as I witnessed Temple of Abandonment, whose music moved me beyond fucking belief. When their set was finished, I was left saying to myself, unholy fuck, this band is UNREAL, and I picked up their demo ASAP. While watching Temple of Abandonment, a HUGE smile came across my face, not because their music is happy by any means, but seeing humans create such majestic and depressing sounds did make me happy in a weird way. I have played their tape almost every day since the show. So check it out – you can hear Temple of Abandonment’s demo, From Outer Spheres​.​.​. Death in full below. Please do me a favor – if you dig this band as much as I do, share it with a friend. If you want to buy the demo on cassette, head over to their bandcamp now. Temple of Abandonment are not one of my favorite Vancouver bands; simply put, they are now one of my favorite bands, period. This is the kind of Funeral Doom that makes you happy to be alive!



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