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Tap Into the EMO Bliss of JEREMY BEARIMY “Quail Man Forever”

Sometimes you’ve got to look to your past to find your future! In 2001, I found myself at a huge crossroads in my life. I also found myself in Seattle for the first time in my life. It was interesting, because all I wanted to listen to were Emo bands ranging from Pinback to Sunny Day Real Estate to Red Star Theory and more.

Today I want to share with y’all one of my favorite Emo Bands of 2022 called Jeremy Bearimy. Their new tape QUAIL MAN FOREVER is spot on! Songs like “Stoop Kid” hit hard and the lyrical content gives me chills. Tunes like “Kiss Me I’ve Quit Smoking” make me think, how did my wife ever kiss me when I smoked, and how grateful I am that she stuck around until I quit!

Sometimes the heaviest music is the music that is aimed directly at your heart chakra. This is why I dig Jeremy Bearimy so much, and I love the honesty I hear in all of their songs. I also respect them for following their passion and being true to their creative vision. Emo is a genre that is easy to get wrong but this band gets it RIGHT!

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