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Ever wonder why certain genres seem to flow from particular geographic regions? It goes beyond scenes and bandwagons – it the vibrations of the earth. Music, being a series of vibrational frequencies, is sensitive to these ley lines in the earth. Musicians who are particularly attuned to themselves and their

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Black Metal

Wolves In The Throne Room, Washington’s own all-natural Black Metaler’s, have been around the block. Twelve years as a band has sharpened Wolves In The Throne Room into a music machine, churning out excellent slabs of atmospheric, naturalistic black metal. Yet, in order to grow, one must move past the

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When I heard that Wolves in The Throne Room were going to release a new full-length, I was thrilled. And this excitement only increased when it was mentioned that their new album, Celestite, would act as a companion to their previous full-length, Celestial Lineage. And why should I not be?

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