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DESERTFEST 2015 is fast approaching, and weekend tickets are already sold out! This huge festival based in Camden, London has a killer lineup, and we have a pair of tickets for Friday, April 24th‘s shows to give away to one lucky winner! Friday’s lineup features performances from Redfang, Orange Goblin,

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It’s hard to imagine UKHC without the internet. To be fair, it’s hard to imagine anything without the internet anymore. Underground movements, in particular, though, thrive on its members ability to communicate. Remove Bandcamp, Twitter, forums, message boards, Facebook and MySpace and one begins to wonder just how the hell

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While today we put the exploits of the most disrespectful, ill-mannered, drunken and depraved people we can find on TV to laugh at and make millionaires out of, in medieval Europe you would have seen Snooki and JWoww shuffling down the street muted by what’s known as a Scold’s Bridle,

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 Candlelight Records has something caustic in store for you this October 7th – the new full length from the UK’s WINTERFYLLETH entitled The Divination Of Antiquity. Today we’re streaming the title track from their fourth offering, and listener beware when opening the digital portal below. This scathing piece of music will freeze what’s

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For those that enjoy punk music but crave something a little more on the garage/artsy side of punk, Nottingham’s Guilty Parents are probably the match made in Hell you’ve been waiting for.¬†Guilty Parents play a solid blend of art rock, punk¬†and garage while incorporating various effects and flashing lights in

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To rifle through the newly published music for a slab of psychedelic rock today is to ‘most likely’ run across some either terrible indie rock bands or some generic, radio-friendly stoner rock. Why ‘most likely’? Because if you happen to know Mike Vest, the case is gonna be different. Way

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