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Trapped Within Burning Machinery

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CVLT Nation is proud to present the next in our series of underground classic compilations, BLACK SABBATH’s legendary self-titled debut album! This timeless album came out almost 47 years ago, but today we’ve brought together eight of underground doom’s finest to bring a fresh take on Black Sabbath’s iconic sound – Beastmaker, CHRCH, Jupiterian,

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TEN – Deveikuth VII​-​π​-​III The amount of power and drone-tastic guitar tones that comes from this band’s amps is reminiscent of the almighty Sunn O))). I understand that making that claim is potentially controversial, but one listen to Deveikuth and any drone metal fan will see the similarities. Deveikuth is basically what

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Bands that work within a concept for an album or song walk a fine line. In whatever genre that the project caters to, they always have to keep the source material at hand and be true to it. For the sake of brevity, I’m going to refrain from rattling off

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I’m holding hands with my past while I run to my future, knowing that what I leave behind will soon die. I look around me and see people without souls leading the masses their early graves. I hear the new TRAPPED WITHIN BURNING MACHINERY and realize that  the heavy music

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As a participant in shows from an early age, I have always favored the house show, regardless of the fact that over the years, Arizona has at times lacked venues for the more underground taste in music, but things have actually gotten pretty awesome in the Valley of the Sun as of recent.

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 L.A. are you ready for one of the heaviest nites of the year, brought to you by our comrades Midnite Collective? On Nov. 15th, Midnite Communion II goes down with performances by COUGH, INVDRS, ATRIARCH and Sorxe, plus exhibits from some of the most dynamic visual artists in the underground!

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