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Caligari Records has been a consistent presence on these pages, and for good reason, because this label puts out quality darkness on a regular basis. Today we’re lucky to be able to share the mixtape Caligari made for our 7th anniversary. Stream and download below!   Download the mixtape in

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Do you hear the graves opening? Do you hear the soil churning? That’s TAPHOS NOMOS awakening their corpse army to hunt down and destroy every living thing! Their newest offering, West Of Everything Lies Death, arrives dripping with rot and decay on your doorstep on Dec. 18th via Hammerheart Records. Today we

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I’m really not sure what graveyard Caligari Records have been hanging out in. But next time they throw a party, remind them to invite me. Because if Taphos Nomos is the type of company they keep and seek out, well then shit, I’m all on board for whatever ghoulish endeavors they’ve

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