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Like drugs, there can be only one first time with Swans; this was my fourth time seeing the band that over the years has evolved from the post-punk precursor, to industrial, to a more abstract channeling of spiritual vibrations at maximum volume. This did not diminish my experience, but it

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Another year, another bunch of lists coming. So you don’t have to read my own list, I decided to talk to someone who actually put out one of the best records of the year and ask him to tell us his favorites. Of course I’m speaking about guitarist Spencer Hazard

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Text: José Carlos Santos // Photos: Luana Magalhães Already on its fourth edition, the growth of the Porto-based Amplifest is noticeable just by glancing at this year’s unbelievable line-up. From established veterans of every side of the experimental and alternative spectrum like Swans or Peter Brötzmann to young upstarts like Vvovnds, Hexis or

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CVLT Nation is proud to be sponsoring some upcoming shows with Wombat Booking that are hitting the continent this month and next month! First up, the ADRIFT Black Heart Bleeds Black European Tour this month from the 18th to the 27th. This tour features some shows with heavy hitters like

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“The Taste for Nothingness Dull soul, to whom the battle once was sweet, Hope, who had spurred your ardour and your fame Will no more ride you! Lie down without shame Old horse, who makes his way on stumbling feet. Give up, my heart, and sleep your stolid sleep. For

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by Oliver Sheppard Portland doom metal band Atriarch have taken a gothic turn since their split earlier this year with San Francisco’s Alaric. Although still solidly anchored to a doom metal-y rhythm section — complete with ponderous, stomping drums and trudging bass guitar — on the band’s new LP, Ritual

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