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We all have nostalgia for old albums and bands that have disappeared over the years. Of course for some people, the music genre you like is much like a religion. So it can either be a real hatred, or a way to bond with a complete stranger. So if you

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The other day, I saw our comrade Kim Kelly aka Necrolust talking about the one-man band VOIDCRAEFT, and she was right – his music is on point! All I can say is that he gives all of his unreal music away for free, and if you know what’s good for

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via Beautiful Decay For the artist Eliza Bennett, her flesh is her medium; in embroidering her palm with thick threads, she hopes to explore the ways in which we view gender roles. Her hand, swollen and bruised by her own careful work, is titled “A Woman’s Work Is Never Done,”

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Looking back on the SoCal 80’s hardcore scene, so many things run through my mind, but one thing that really sticks out is UNITY! Sometimes we unified with our neighborhoods, but many times we unified on the basis of being punks! I had an open mind when it came to

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Spitting and swaying as it lurches from your speakers, Everything Black, Everything Dead, the debut album by Australians Black Jesus, is steeped in cheap beer and arrives throwing punches. As soon as you hit play, Black Jesus ensure you’re covered in their grime, filth and backwashed tinny* of Melbourne Bitter. Everything Black, Everything

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Big business has been using propaganda as a weapon of mind control for decades now. A perfect example of corporate America’s effect on legislation and public opinion is how they criminalized marijuana and made it public enemy number one. Corporations, with the help of the government, demonized pot while at

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