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Photographer: Lee Lidbury Site: Based In: Toronto ONE This photograph is of a very unassuming part of a nature trail I would frequently pass through on my mountain bike. I think it comes across a lot more sinister then it really is.

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SALEM’S POT is the doomedelic ultra bongload that always gets me high! On April 29th, I get the chance to hold their new album …Lurar ut dig på prärien in my hands. I’m super excited to have their brand of fuzzed-out doom blasting through the CVLT Nation HQ…Right now, check

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A couple of weeks ago we announced our upcoming sponsored Iberian tour with Wombat Booking for Sourvein and Graves at Sea – but that’s not all we have in store for our European friends! We are stoked to announce sponsored tours with Indian, Amenra and Whitehorse this March/April! Check out

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The Argentinean artist Juan Gatti flipped the script with his anatomical drawings that are journeys into a different part of the imagination. Each one of the pieces is full of details that will have you looking at them in wonderment!    

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Apocalyptic BluesMusicReviews

“I was born to lose / I won’t have this form forever.”  Jenks Miller opens Piedmont Apocrypha with this, an elucidation of shape-shifting and impermanence and maybe even reincarnation.  And unlike on previous Horseback records, Miller delivers this line without mask or growl, just clearly and precisely over acoustic guitars

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Australia, contrary to outsider and international beliefs, has long been a strangely conservative country. Most recently, Australians elected a right wing government that is more ideologically driven than any prior ruling party, and whose implementation of draconian policy has polarised many people, regardless of where their “usual” political bias may

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