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If I had to pick my favourite kind of ad, it would be the 80’s & 90’s skate ones. The reason why is because they were full of color and just totally bugged out. To me, Tony Alva changed the way that companies created their advertisements. At the same time,

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1. BOTANIST So Fucking Original…So fucking amazing…So freaking Magical…So freaking breathtaking…the new BOTANIST album out now on Flenser is PERFECT! Not only is this one of the best black metal albums of the year, it might just be one of the best albums of the year hands down…Don’t take my

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I’m not really sure where to start on this one. This album defies any attempt to pin it into a corner with any kind of label or definition. There is so much ethereal shit going on in this record that at at times it feels like it is pulsating in front

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Know that feeling when you’re down and you wanna do something to get even lower? Sure you do. You also know that in those little moments, nothing come in as handy as a good, soul and spirit-crushing movie. Something so ridiculously depressing that it’s a black hole of despair and

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It’s no secret that at CVLT Nation we love JOY DIVISION! So today here’s a collection of live performances between 1979 & 1980…what I would give to have been there! Bowdon Yale. 14 March 1979: 1) SHE’S LOST CONTROL 2) SHADOWPLAY 3) LEADERS OF MEN Apollo Theatre. 27 October 1979:

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I’m keyed up to present you the exclusive streaming of the brand new HaiKai No Ku album, “Ultra High Dimensionality”, here on CVLT Nation. The record springs from the spoors of last year’s remarkable “Sick On My Journey” and “No Blue Sky” before that. Production-wise, and unlike the past efforts,

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