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Caligari Records has been a consistent presence on these pages, and for good reason, because this label puts out quality darkness on a regular basis. Today we’re lucky to be able to share the mixtape Caligari made for our 7th anniversary. Stream and download below!   Download the mixtape in

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Skelethal are back with a slew of old-school Swedeath tracks after just releasing their critically-acclaimed Deathmanicvs Revelation LP earlier this year. They clearly are going for the jugular in Swedeath revival history, as their new LP, Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity, hits a home run with the bases loaded

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Some of us might be aware of the expression, “there are tribute bands and there are tribute bands.” What that means is that tribute bands attempt to remake some of the magic the originators of a sub-genre had created, but most tribute bands come up some ways short of evolutionary,

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