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Just a few weeks ago, Sentient Ruin (US) and Clavis Secretorum (EU) finally released a forgotten US black metal gem for the first time ever on vinyl. You can see the staggering result below. Frankly, it is an utter mystery what took this long for this black metal monster to see

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Chapter II: The Ritualist is Shaidar Logoth’s second release. They’re from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a state with as much frozen tundra as nearby Wisconsin. Like the title of the band’s album closer, “Realm Befitting His Majesty,” this is black metal befitting a wandering soul in search of an illustrious treasure. Said

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1. FUNESTE: Demo MMXV FUNESTE from Montreal has conjured up a demo that surpasses many albums in depth and originality! I’ve been addicted to this band since I found them a couple of days ago, and I can not and will not stop blasting them at least 3 times a day!

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