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The Howling Wind band/project is made up of Ryan Lipynsky and Tim Call, both whom are very seasoned musicians, Ryan with Unearthly Trance, Serpentine Path and Humanless and Tim with Aldebaran and Mournful Congregation. ‘Vortex‘ is their fourth album and the first away from Profound Lore Records. Here they are

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So what do we have here? Last weekend in Brooklyn, it got real fucking HEAVY! If you don’t believe me, peep these two unreal sets from FORN & SERPENTINE PATH…This solid night was captured by our comrade in riffdoom PITFULLOFSHIT, aka Frank Huang. FORN photo by @fcphotography

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Serpentine Path’s second record Emanations drops this week, marking a pivotal evolution from the band’s self-titled debut released in 2012. The focus remains the same though – soul crushing doom laden with tasteful death metal influences like Autopsy, while much has been said of the band’s members and previous bands,

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