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Although we weren’t able to travel to our March 21st SXSW showcase presented by Rock of Ages Tattoo, by all accounts it was awesome! Relapse Records put together an awesome lineup of bands who all absolutely killed it. Luckily, we had a photographer, Trevor Jayne, on hand to capture the

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Ten years from now, you’ll discuss this album with your friends and they will say: “what, that album that almost fucking killed me?” And you will reply: “yes, that crushing motherfucker right there.” In fact, Usnea‘s heaviness is no mystery, and their music seems to have a timelessness that will

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 2003 gave us Neurosis with Jarboe, the doomy Bay Area band’s collaboration with the vocalist best known for her time in Swans. Unfortunately, we never got to hear “Neurosis with Rozz Williams,” but Atriarch have delivered something that seems –  stunningly – as if it could fit that bill. Atriarch’s

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