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In 2013, True Widow was releasing what would be their most acclaimed album in Circumambulation. Coming through Relapse, it was actually their third record, following their debut self-titled album and As High As the Highest Heavens…, a couple of excellent releases. The psychedelic rock band has a unique way of blending

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June 3rd, 2016, is a day that is going to go down in DOOM History, because COUGH’s new LP Still They Pray, produced by Electric Wizard’s Jus Oborn, came out via Relapse Records. Stay tuned for our full review, but right now you can peep this killer footage of Cough performing “Haunter of the Dark”

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Some bands pack a punch, and then there is the rare band that is the punch. After 15 years of on and off activity, a heralded demo, and praised yet sporadic split records, Graves At Sea finally deliver us a proper full length with The Curse That Is via metal

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The post-metal aura has been and still is dominant in the extreme music scene. Originating from the ’90s, with the term being used to describe many forward-thinking bands, from Neurosis, Godflesh and Tool to Isis and the rise of Hydrahead Records. Bloodiest is an act that encompasses the history of post-metal in

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Now this is the FUCKING BOMB!!! Relapse is releasing for the first time ever the fully authorized reissue of SACRILEGE’s  Behind The Realms of Madness. Brad Boatwright remastered the record, which includes seven previously unreleased bonus tracks. I can tell that I will soon be blasting this collection of tunes non-stop. We are freaking stoked

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Windhand were undoubtedly the new rising force in the doom metal genre, with the releases of their self-titled debut album and their excellent sophomore full-length, Soma. With a great pedigree in terms of the history of its band members, and heavy activity in terms of releases, they established themselves as

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