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Relapse Records is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary in the game and show no signs of slowing down! Honestly, I think they are getting even heavier with the most recent signings: Graves At Sea, Ilsa and Seven Sisters of Sleep. Today, the label released their 2015 sampler that has 36 of their

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Relapse Records has a special place in our hearts here at CVLT Nation, because over 25 years they have put out some of the best in underground heavy music, and they do so with integrity! And when they give back to the community with something as epically awesome as this

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Relapse Records is in a very giving mood today! Check out their 26 band FREE Sampler!!!…Streaming and Download links below…Don’t Lapse, just Relapse! Check out previous samplers here and here! <a href=”″>Relapse Sampler 2014 by Relapse Sampler</a> Relapse Records is proud to present the most eclectic heavy music sampler of 2014

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