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Mazurka Editions caters to tasteful stagnation. The Australian tape label has released Pleasure Island, V. Sinclair and Purity of Essence that all connote its “Post Industrial Malaise.” Jarrod Skene, the artist behind Mazurka Editions, can’t quite articulate what all this is after. I really couldn’t say that there’s intent to produce

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Led by husband and wife duo Erin and Katrin Powell (née Katrin X), Awen hail from Dallas, a city not normally associated with neofolk or martial music. Awen’s second LP, Grim King of the Ghosts, recently came out on Old Europa Café, and it showcases a style that ranges from

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“Call of the Blue Distance” finds Instinct of Survival‘s sound continuing to evolve past the crusty monster they once were, and crossing over into an almost death rock sound, much in the vein of Cemetery or Alaric. The husky anger of the vocals comes across as more of a crusty

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Here’s an icy dose of Swedish post-punk for the winter ahead. Hemgraven open up Sanddyner Av Glas with a Samhain-like punch, but once you dig further into it, more layers are uncovered beneath the snow-clad delivery. A bizarre, almost dance-able Gang of Four meets The Swing-era Inxs groove takes hold of the album.

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I am at a complete loss for words. I can not humanly find a way to describe this guy’s music in a language that gives it justice. Simply put, Latvian and now Berlin-based electronic musician OYAARSS, makes some of the most mind-bending, shape-shifting, mood-sculpting and mind-blowing electronic music you will

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Over two years ago, in my review of Cult of Youth’s Love Will Prevail, I wrote that it “really is one of those rare ‘next level’ LPs that bands always strive to create,” and I think I also called it a “game changer.” These are words that I still stand

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