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The terror is real! It’s time now to listen to the new FUTURE TERROR song “Inhuman Condition” and it is a straight fucking caustic anthem! This band’s music inspires me to stand against all of the despotic, corrupt shit that is happening around the world – and in my homeland

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As the Bubonic Plague rolled across China, the Middle East, Russia and Europe from the 14th to 17th centuries, it claimed an estimated 150 million lives, along with the title of deadliest epidemic in human history. Originating in China in the 1300s, it hitched a ride on the Silk Road

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Pinched from The Vintage News This story sounds like something straight out of fiction, but it’s well documented in 16th century historical records. In 1518, one of the strangest epidemics in recorded history, The Dancing Plague or “Dance Epidemic”, struck the city of Strasbourg, France. Sometime in mid-July, a woman,

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In the mid-1300s, approximately one quarter of the world’s population succumbed to the Black Death; 30-60% of Europe’s population lost their lives in a painful mess of black buboes and vomited blood.1 This devastation was captured in manuscripts, paintings and murals that survive to this day. Check out the Black

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“[How] strangely they have decreased by the Hand of God… and it hath generally been observed that where the English come to settle, a Divine Hand makes way for them.” – Daniel Denton, early American colonist The popular Pilgrim myth involves a persecuted group of Christian reformers who fled England

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