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Edmonton, Canada’s Rites Of Thy Degringolade, active since 1997 no less, are another band that I discovered only recently upon causally stumbling upon their recent live reappearances (2016 California Deathfest first, last year’s Covenant Festival again), and if I’m here writing about them and their new album today, you may have

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Chaos Echoes formed from the ashes of technical death metal act Bloody Sign, and arrived in the scene with their debut EP Tone of Things To Come. Their work, self-released until their debut record, grabbed the attention of Nuclear War Now!, who released the band’s first album, Transient. In their first

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Harvest Gulgaltha‘s slow and rotten blackened death-doom is both punk as fuck as majestic as hell, mesmerizing in its simplicity but at the same time towering in its commanding dominance and undisputed majesty. Ever since encountering their I demo back in 2012, I was blown away. I was fascinated by the band’s

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Attention all metal fiends: today is your lucky fucking day, because CVLT Nation has been given the right to share with you the new KATECHON song entitled “Desolation”! Hear it for yourself below and you’ll realize this band will bring an onslaught of sonic destruction with their new album, out this spring on NWN.

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Now signed with Nuclear War Now, Oregon underground enigma Knelt Rote has all but moved away from their grindcore origins and into pastures more akin to the death metal and black metal that is often associated with the label. Last album Insignificance went a long in bridging the gap to

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