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So what happens when two of the sickest Black/Death bands from Chile decide to do a split? The end result is one of the gnarliest combinations of the year! Wrathprayer and Force of Darkness are the bands that I am speaking of, and today we are streaming this sonic beast in full

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Harvest Gulgaltha‘s slow and rotten blackened death-doom is both punk as fuck as majestic as hell, mesmerizing in its simplicity but at the same time towering in its commanding dominance and undisputed majesty. Ever since encountering their I demo back in 2012, I was blown away. I was fascinated by the band’s

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I love a riff that makes me feel like I’ve just opened the door on a Black Mass, and that’s just where the occult-drenched tones of Montreal’s CAUCHEMAR puts me from the opening bell tolls of their upcoming NWN! release, Chapelle Ardente. Montreal is bursting at the seams with amazing music, and this

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Impurity, from Brazil, have a long decorated history in underground black metal bestiality. They have released many full-length albums distro-lovers clamor for and enjoy. This split, entitled Vomiting Blasphemies All Over The World, with Japan’s black/thrash purveyors Sex Messiah comes to us via Nuclear War Now! Productions, whom we all

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I must have been Nostradamus if I had predicted that Nuclear War Now! Productions would dish out some cool 2014 vinyl death metal madness, but you know they’re good for it, right? This stinky-socks pile of soiled panties-smelling filth is Harvest Gulgaltha and their latest release, I. There are some

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Stargazer need no introduction to you avant-garde black/death metal maniacs. They’ve released several demos, EP and three full-lengths in their career spanning nine years or so. You probably won’t hear me going off about how brutal or how fast they play. To begin with, listeners can’t get high off the

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