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A bare slipknot on a black background. Essential, explicit, uncompromising. The artwork of Peste’s brand new EP displays exactly what you can expect from their music: a bunch of nihilistic rides launched on a razorblade at breakneck speed. Hardcore in its darkest form meets crust punk and even seminal black

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From members of HE WHOSE OX IS GORED, FUCKED AND BOUND have violently emerged as card-carrying hardcore polemicists. 20 or so minutes, 13 tracks, lyrical content that ranges from hash tag invectives to wage slavery dirges to Cobain homages (“I’m a negative creep and I’m stoned”), and a palpable sense

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“This means war.” I’ve always found that line to be classy as hell and a great catchphrase, though I never had the occasion to use it properly until now. Let me take you back to a few days prior: I’m sitting in a chair, trying to wrap my mind around

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