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There have been a few moments over the years that we’ve been doing CVLT Nation that stand out as thrilling. Those are the moments that make the grind to turn our passion into something we can live (frugally) off of worth it. A year ago today exactly, we found ourselves

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Straight Fucking Up – there is no other band on the planet that can create music the way the DEAF KIDS do! When I watch their full sets, I get lost in their storm of visual awesomeness. DEAF KIDS are the kind of band that expand the songs they records into

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There comes a time in every young man, woman, nonbinary, or other person’s life when they have something put in front of them that is so jagged, bare, raw, textured and destructive that it achieves all levels of perfection and surpasses it without batting an eyelash. Now take extreme experimental

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Fans of Steve Von Till, guitarist and vocalist in Bay Area post metal titans Neurosis, have been clamouring for more of his idiosyncratic brand of folk music for several years. After a seven year wait, Von Till has just released his fourth solo record, entitled A Life Unto Itself. Seven

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You’re coming to play in Brazil next month with Syndrome. Will this be your first time in the country and  South America? And what are your expectations for the trip and the concerts? It won’t be the first time. Six months ago I took a holiday, visiting my good friend

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Ides of Gemini have been favorites here at CVLT Nation since their 2012 release of Constantinople, so when we got word of their new album Old World New Wave, we jumped at the chance to share it with you! The new record comes out via Neurot (CD/digital) and SIGE Records

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