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From the bowels of Brooklyn’s heavily irritated, scabbed and crust-filled asshole emerges Skullshitter. A three piece grind-death hybrid who have clawed their way up from their dank, subterranean lair out into our world. ¬†Entitled Transmission: Command, this fourteen track, quart of tequila-fueled voyage of hatred isn’t for your passive, part-time

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With a belly full of beer and chili, Nathaniel Shannon and I head out to House of Vans skate park in Brooklyn for what turned out to be a pretty awesome night of free beer, metal and skateboarding. Right off the bat, I have to give credit to whomever put

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In case you missed out on our previous stream of the new material from Brooklyn’s reigning death metal necromancers, Mutant Supremacy, now is your chance to wallow in their latest offering of filth. Via their bandcamp, they have unleashed the full length sonic virus known as “Reincarnate”. Feel free to

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From their fall out shelter in Brooklyn NY, Mutant Supremacy have unleashed three new blasphemous war anthems from their upcoming second full length Reincarnate, available August 16th. All three songs come straight out of the gate for the jugular, snapping their dirty, cracked fangs in anticipation of a worthy meal.

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