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Midnite Collective interviews Sebastian Mazuera, Illustrator Medium(s): Ink, Pencil Based in: San Diego, CA Years Active: 7 years (working) Most Recent Clients: Sangus, Voidwrath, and Gav Current Albums in Rotation: Sacrificio’s recent release, Spectres over Transylvania (Cultes des Ghoules), Akel Lahempana Sataanaa (Horna), Minor Threats Discography, Demonic War Demo and Melissa by

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Midnite Collective interviews Mike Lawrence, Illustrator First off, thanks for your time in making this interview happen. It’s great to be able to get inside your head to see what makes you tick! Your ideas are so interesting in taking classic themes and aesthetics like death, gore, psychedelia, architecture, demons,

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With a name such as Funerary, you can quite easily deduce that this band from Phoenix, Arizona finds itself deep within the extreme doom/death subgenre. And even though the band comes from a really hot place, their music is as cold as ice. In Starless Aeon, the group unleashes all

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Get Filthy, Get Heavy, Get Fucked, Get Doomed…now blast the sounds of Ancient Altar! These new L.A. merchants of down-tuned radness have a new self-titled tape coming out on Midnite Collective, and from what I can hear, this shit is a Doomadelic Missile aimed at the sun! CVLT Nation would

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