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Hailing from Mexico, artist Hector Pineda works easily in both traditional and digital art formats, but today we’re going to focus on his pen and ink and paint work. Delving into his work is like tearing through the intangible membrane that separates one universe from another, and seeing creation grand

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EL CHAPO was Public Enemy No. 1 before he was captured recently, and now is Public Enemy No. 1 because he just escaped again. I just watched this fascinating documentary that breakdown his story that I think just might interest you: it’s called Mexico’s Drug Lord: The Rise And Fall Of

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Across Mexico, and increasingly the U.S, the poor, the down-trodden and the outcasts have been turning to a robed, scythe-bearing skeleton – a personification of death fond of cigars and tequila, able to work miracles, but always for a steep price. Santa Muerte, Saint Death, emerged in the nineteenth century

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Several weeks ago, when I wrote this piece for CVLT Nation, my aim was to make people aware of something hugely important happening in a part of the world that the press won’t touch. Understandably worried that they’ll end up in the next ISIS beheading video, news agencies don’t have

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Labels: Ajna Offensive // Iron Bonehead Productions How has 2014 been for yourself and the other members of the Black Twilight Circle? Eduardo: It has been a monumental year for me, thanks to the support of all our fans in 2014. Volahn and Acualli summoning with Revenge in San Francisco

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What you are about to see is graphic as fuck – be warned!!! The “drug wars” in Mexico have turned parts of that country into a killing field where human lives don’t mean shit to the criminals. The atrocities that take place daily are captured by photographers and reporters that

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